The Architect, Builder And Craft Worker Approaches

Different people have different styles of working. They also like to focus on different aspects of getting the work done. The following section looks at three approaches that people follow to apply their talents.


Some people are architects. They focus on the big picture and make key decisions about the ‘house’. They shape the design of the project, team, organisation or company.

Such individuals also decide on and oversee the key strategies to be followed. They may then work with builders and crafts workers who use their skills to build the house.


Some people are builders. They follow the agreed strategies and maintain high standards. Such individuals make clear contracts with the architects about the desired outcomes. They then act as managers or project leaders who coordinate people’s skills to build the house.

Craft Workers

Some people like to follow their craft. They often have specialist skills and apply these to do superb work. Such individuals like to know the outcomes to achieve and the principles to be followed. They may also need support to use their skills and make their best contributions.

Some people move between the roles of being architects, builders and craft workers. They often do this when focusing on a specific activity which they find interesting or feel is important.

Let’s return to your own work. What are the specific activities where you like to act as an architect? You like to be in charge of shaping the goals to achieve and also the strategies for achieving the picture of success.

What are the activities where, providing you agree with the brief, you are happy to be a builder? You may then enjoy implementing the strategies and making things happen.

What are the activities where, providing you agree with the aims and strategies, you do specialist craft work? You may then enjoy doing satisfying work on the detail and delivering success?

What are the specific activities when you may enjoy moving between the roles? You may want to shape the big picture, pursue the strategies and also sometimes do specialist work that delivers success.

If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme. This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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