M is for Alice And Richard Matzki: The Art Of Aging

Alice and Richard Matzki are both artists. Here they take a look at aging through a series of projects that confront their fear and curiosity about growing old.

They explore physical changes, sensuality and relationships, aging parents, spirituality and death.

Drawing on their personal experiences and the wisdom of older mentors, they conclude that their elder years can be a time of ripening and harvest rather than stagnation and despair. Here is their mission statement.

As part of our personal growth and our responsibility as elders, our intention is to share what we have learned about growing older.

By exhibiting our art, speaking and writing, we intend to spread the important message that aging is not the end of life, but can be a positive new beginning and the crowning culmination of a lifetime.

You can learn more about their lives and work at their web site.


They have produced an illustrated book that contains a wealth of inspiration for people of all ages.


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