The Attacking The Day Approach Rather Than The Anxious Approach

Some people follow the attacking the day approach rather than the anxious approach. They start by clarifying what want to achieve and set specific goals.

Such people aim to have a certain attitude, apply themselves and do their best to achieve their aims. They may then get a sense of satisfaction from what they have achieved during the day.

The attack the day approach can have pluses and minuses – both for themselves and other people. It is therefore important to build on the pluses and manage the minuses.

Some people follow this approach when building on their strengths, following their calling or doing another activity. They sometimes translate it into action by focusing on the following themes.


Such people often have an achiever mindset. They clarify what they want to achieve in their life and work. They then focus on what they want to do that day to work towards their short, medium and long-term goals.

Different people aim to achieve different things. Some focus on how they want to help other people. Some focus on how they want to work towards their personal or professional goals.

Such people often have a positive attitude and aim to attack the day. They see each day as an opportunity to work towards their picture of success. They may therefore focus on the following themes.

Such people often build on solid ground by making things as predictable as possible. Bearing in mind what they can control, they set things up to succeed.

They prepare properly before moving into action. They rehearse what they going to do: a) to set specific achievable goals; b) to follow strategies that work; c) to do their best to achieve success.

Such people rehearse how to deal with any challenges. They learn to manage unexpected events by buying time to think, considering their options and pursuing their chosen way forwards.

Imagine that you want to follow elements of this approach in your own way and set goals you want to achieve. It can then be time to move on to the next step taken by people who attack the day.


Such people like to follow their own plans when working towards their goals. They love to apply themselves, work through their lists and get successes along the way. They may follow a certain ritual for clicking into action and then aim:

To follow their chosen rhythm when doing the work;

To focus on their action plan, get an early success and move on to the next task;

To build in times for rest and then rehearse what they are going to do next on the way towards achieving their goals.

Such people love to absorb themselves in their chosen work. They also have the ability: a) to focus on the task on hand; b) to focus on how that will help them to achieve their long-term goals.

They sometimes go into a state of flow when doing their chosen work. They set achievable goals, follow strategies that work and do their best to achieve success. This can lead to the next step.


Such people get a dopamine kick when crossing items off their list. Some also recognise the pluses and minuses of this approach. They recognise that is it important:

To get these dopamine kicks by doing things that contribute to their daily and long-term goals, rather than;

To get a dopamine kick by doing things that do not necessarily contribute to achieving the goals.

(One caveat is worth underlining, however. It can sometimes be healthy for a person to get such a kick by doing something that gives them a personal boost. They can then return with renewed energy to work towards their goals.)  

People who attack the day often have an achiever mindset. As mentioned earlier, however, this approach can have pluses and minuses for both themselves and other people.

The Potential Pluses

These include the following. The person may have a strong sense of purpose. They may love setting goals, following a specific routine and doing superb work. They may also get a sense of satisfaction from achieving their goals.

The Potential Minuses

These include the following. The person needs to ensure they are pursuing what they believe to be the most important goals in their life or work. They may also need to ensure they do this in a way that helps – rather than hurts – themselves or other people.   

They often aim pursue their passion, follow their principles and achieve their daily picture of success. Sometimes this brings a sense of peace – if only for ten seconds – but it is a wonderful feeling.

Such people sometimes reflect on what they have achieved that day. They then turn their thoughts to what they want to do the next day. They focus on how they can continue to work towards their long-term goals.

This may sound like a never-ending cycle, but don’t feel sorry for them. They love to feel alive and keep attacking each day. Such people then do their best to achieve their picture of success.

Let’s return to your own life and work. Looking ahead, can you think of a situation where you may want to follow elements of this approach? How can you do this in your own way?

If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme. This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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