The Creative Fix Approach

Some people love to get a creative high. Some people aim to do this early in the day. They then get a sense of satisfaction and feel more in charge of their day.

Different people follow this approach in different way. Some choose to do something where they go through the following stages.


They explore many ideas. They may increase the chances of doing this by going for a walk, listening to music or doing other things that set their creative juices going.


They focus on something they want to do. They may aim to help a person, write an article, paint a picture, do a project, tackle a challenge or do another activity.


They pursue their chosen topic. They do fine work, finish and, as a by-product, enjoy a sense of fulfilment. They may also get a creative high that gives them a fix.

Some individuals aim to follow this process every day. One writer expressed this in the following way.

“I aim to get this feeling early in the day. Sometimes I begin working before breakfast. I get a kick out of mapping out the day’s writing and creating a framework that I want to pass on to people.

“Sometimes this leads to a feeling of deep satisfaction and creates a platform that I can build on. Getting this creative fix gives me energy and provides a great start to the day.”

Looking at your own life, when do you get a creative fix? You may do this when writing, dancing, gardening, cooking, fixing certain problems, leading a group of people or doing another activity.

Some individuals may do this when preparing to do a piece of work. They may relax, play music, go for a walk or do another activity. They follow a conscious or unconscious process that leads them to having a ‘Aha’ moment. They then build on this to do creative work during the day. 

Some individuals may do this when actually doing the work. They build on their strengths, follow certain strategies and shape the material they are using. They may then create something that helps them to make a breakthrough and achieve success.

The creative act sometimes remains a mystery. But it is possible to explore some of the steps you can take to increase the likelihood of being creative. You can clarify, for example:

The specific times of the day when you have most creative energy – such as the prime times when you feel creative or able to absorb yourself in an activity;

The specific activities that lead to feeling stimulated or creative – such as being in your favourite work place, listening to music, creating models that make sense of experience, going for a walk or doing other things;

The specific ways you can increase the chances of you being able to be creative – such as setting aside a block of time when you can flow, focus and finish.

Looking ahead, what are the specific things you can do to increase the likelihood of getting a creative fix? How can you do more of these things in the future? Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but sometimes taking these steps can produce results.

If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme. This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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