The Decision Making Approach

Making decisions is a key skill in life. People make choices all the time and each choice has consequences – both for themselves and for other people.

There are many models for making decisions. The following pages describe the Three C approach. This involves focusing on the following themes.

Clarity – This involves clarifying the real results you want to achieve;

Creativity – This involves clarifying the choices, consequences and creative solutions;

Concrete Results – This involves clarifying the action plan for achieving the desired results.

The following pages provide a framework you can you use when going through these stages. It focuses on how to use the approach when tackling a specific challenge. But you can also adapt the approach to finding creative solutions or working towards a specific goal.

The key step involves clarity. It is vital to clarify the real results you want to achieve. This is the real ‘What’. This step also includes clarifying the benefits of achieving the goals.

The next step is to use your creativity to explore the possible ways to achieve the goals. This is the ‘How’. You can then follow your chosen route and do your best to achieve the desired concrete results. This is the ‘When’. 

Here is a pack for making decisions. You will, of course, use it in your own way to work towards achieving your goals.

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