The Drive To Make Difficult Decisions And Deliver The Goods

Some people have the drive to make difficult decisions in a certain field. When appropriate, they may then aim to translate these into action and deliver the goods.

They may be medics, parole officers, law makers or leaders in other professions. Such people may also feel a sense of duty to make such decisions.

They may have been on a long journey, however, towards choosing to take such responsibility. At a certain point, they may have asked themselves the following questions.

What are the difficult decisions to be made in this field? Who should make these decisions? If not me, then who? Am I prepared to make these decisions? If so, how can I make them in the best possible way?

Such people may also have met significant individuals who have had a strong impact on their lives. These may have been parents, teachers, mentors or others who acted as positive models. These have inspired them to take responsibility for making difficult decisions.

Different people then choose to apply these skills in different ways. They may focus on managing crises, helping troubled people or making decisions that have consequences for others in society.

Such individuals often have a strong moral compass. They also demonstrate some of the following qualities;

They enjoy taking responsibility … They believe in following certain principles … They have a strong feeling for a certain activity or profession … They have in the past stepped up to take tough decisions in this area.

They actually enjoy taking tough decisions … They are prepared to accept the consequences – the pluses and minuses involved – in making such decisions … They continue to develop their skills in making such decisions.

They have a strong feeling for the activity but can also become quite cerebral when making tough decisions. Having a sense of perspective, they recognise what they can and control in situations. They then use their preferred model for making decisions.

Such people learn how to take care of their own emotions. They do things that give them positive energy and, when appropriate, know how to heal themselves. This increases their strength for being able to manage challenging situations in the future.

Let’s return to your own life and work. Can you think of a situation where you may want to follow elements of this approach? How can you do this in your own way? What may happen as a result of taking these steps?

If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme. This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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