The Enjoyable, Exciting And Exhilarating Approach

There are many ways to feel alive. Some people aim to do things that are enjoyable, exciting or exhilarating. They aim to do these in a positive way, however, that helps themselves or other people.

Sometimes people find that doing these things can have a chain reaction. They start by doing things they enjoy. This can lead to a feeling of excitement and even exhilaration.

Sometimes people do things that lead to experiencing one or more of these states. This can be enough it itself. It can lead to joy, satisfaction and a feeling of contentment.

Imagine that you want to follow elements of this approach in your own way. Let’s explore these themes.


Different people enjoy different things. You may enjoy walking, listening to music or spending time with positive people. You may also enjoy learning, tackling certain challenges or doing other activities.

What are the things you enjoy doing? How can you do things that give joy to other people? What may be the benefits – both for yourself and other people – of doing these things?


Some people like to do things where they experience excitement. They may excite their senses by exploring ideas, doing creative projects or getting an adrenaline kick.

You may feel excited when playing a sport, doing stimulating work or tackling certain kinds of challenges. You may also do so when finding solutions to problems or working to achieve compelling goals.


Some people go into another dimension. Going beyond excitement, they experience exhilaration. They sometimes do this in ways that provide positive memories for life.

You may do this when following your principles and achieving peak performance. You may do it when seeing other people create something brilliant or beautiful. This may take your breath away and lead to a sense of exhilaration.

Imagine that you want to follow elements of the enjoyable, exciting or exhilarating approach. How can you do this in your own way? What may be the benefits of taking these steps?

If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme. This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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