The Passion, Professionalism And Perspective Approaches

Great workers sometimes go through certain stages in their careers to deliver positive results. They get hired for their passion, promoted for their professionalism and build a reputation for being strategic and having perspective.

Different people go through these stages in different ways. Let’s explore these themes.


Great workers may start by following their passions. They then focus on a specific activity where they may have the ability to do good work. They convey this enthusiasm during interviews and get hired to do work where they can develop their expertise.

Such a person may continue to be passionate about a specific activity. They may aim to do good work as a nurse, educator, technical specialist, sales person or in another role.


Great workers continue to build on their strengths. They do superb work and add skills to their repertoire. They also gain a reputation for delivering high professional standards.

Such workers may begin to climb the career ladder. Some continue to build on what they do best – such as becoming a specialist. Some may move into a management or leadership role.


Great workers may begin to attend senior leadership meetings. Still feeling strongly about their chosen work, they may behave in either of the following ways.

Some may feel passionate about certain things and communicate in ways that are not unhelpful. They may argue strongly for their chosen projects, defend their territory or may even criticise other departments.

Some may develop the ability to see things perspective. Whilst still passionate about their work, they see things from the whole company point of view. They show they understand the big picture.

Such individuals may gain a reputation for being a person who thinks strategically and makes considered decisions. This can lead to them being used as a trusted advisor by colleagues and maybe even by the CEO.

Looking ahead, can you think of a situation where you may want to follow elements of the passionate, professionalism or perspective approaches? How can you do this in your own way?

If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme.  This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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