The Sense Of Perspective Approach

There are many ways to live life. Some people aim to encourage others and do their best during their time on the planet. Such people also develop a sense of perspective.

They see themselves as small in the great sweep of history. They also recognise, however, that their actions have consequences. Different people develop a sense of perspective in different ways.

They may have been through experiences that have taught them what is important in life – such as being grateful, kind and encouraging people during their time on the planet.

They may have focused on what human beings have in common – such as wanting to be healthy, hopeful and happy – and how people can work together to achieve these common goals.

They may have studied humanity at its best and seen the principles that people, organisations and societies can follow to coordinate their strengths and perform brilliantly.

They may have learned that there are virtually always solutions to challenges – providing people are prepared to do what is required to achieve the picture of success.

They may have learned to empathise with many living things – people, animals and various species – which leads to them wanting to encourage future generations and care for life on the planet.

Different people use their life experiences in different ways. Some choose to be positive, follow their principles and maintain a sense of perspective. Let’s look at the steps they may to follow.

They Aim To Positive

Such people aim to have a positive attitude. They are grateful and generous. They aim to encourage both themselves and other people during their time on the planet.

They recognise that they make choices every day and each choice has consequences. Bearing this in mind, such people may take the following steps.

They may aim to take responsibility rather than avoid responsibility be creators rather than complainers and focus on what they can control rather than what they can’t control.

They may aim to build on their strengths rather than their weaknesses, build on their assets rather than be consumed by angst and channel their personality rather than change their personality.

They may aim to help people rather than hurt people, be caring rather than cruel and do their best to encourage both present and future generations.

Such people are often generous. They are also savvy, however, and recognise warning signs. They choose not to give in to dirty fighters or to become victims.

They Aim To
Follow Their Principles

Somebody who has a sense of perspective may have learned lessons from certain challenging experiences. They may have had setbacks, a serious illness or a life-changing event.

Feeling vulnerable helped them to reflect on what is really important in life. They may have done this by exploring the following themes.

Their Purpose

They may have clarified their purpose – what they want to do during their time on the planet – and clarified their life goals.

Their Principles

They may have clarified the principles they want to follow to work towards achieving towards their life goals

Their Picture Of Success

They may have clarified the specific things they can do to pursue their purpose, follow their principles and do their best to achieve their life goals – their picture of success.

Different people pursue this approach in different ways. One person expressed this n the following way.

“I sometimes focus on my purpose but often find it simpler to follow my life principles. These give me something I can translate into action every day.”

They Have A
Sense Of Perspective

Different people reach this stage in different ways. Some of these were described earlier. Some people may also have taken the following steps to develop a sense of perspective.

They may have chosen to serve something greater than themselves – such as a spiritual faith, purpose or sense of vocation – during their time on the planet.

They may have studied the human qualities that are most admired across many cultures – such as kindness and wisdom – and try to follow these principles in their own life.

They may have a personal philosophy that enables them to see events – such as successes or setbacks – in context and continue pursuing their chosen principles in life.

They may have experienced a sense of wonder and gained profound insights when being fully present in nature, witnessing beauty or seeing people perform brilliantly.

They may have developed the ability to make good decisions by seeing the big picture, the many possible ways forward and the consequences of each option.

They may have experienced many different cultures which has helped them to respect there are many ways to live life – they therefore aim to build on what people have in common and find positive solutions to challenges.

They may be strategic thinkers – seeing patterns and connections – and aim to build sustainable systems that achieve ongoing success for people and the planet.

Let’s return to your own life. Imagine that you want to follow some elements of the sense of perspective approach. How can you do this in your own way? If you wish, try tackling the exercise on this theme. This invites you to complete the following sentences.

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