Prostate Awareness 7: Meeting with Professor Mark Emberton

Positive meeting with Professor Mark Emberton. One of the leading authorities in HIFU treatment, we met at the clinic of London Urology Associates.

He embodies all the qualities of a trusted Read more

S is for Al Siebert: His Work On Resilience

Al Siebert did pioneering work on resilience. His superb books – such as The Survivor Personality and The Resiliency Advantage – enabled many people to develop their inner strength.

Al provided more than inspiring Read more

Prostate Awareness 6: Getting The MRI and Other Results, May 10

Mr Jha greets me by saying the results look promising. The illness has been spotted at a relatively early stage, so there are several treatment options.

“Now you can ask me any questions Read more

Prostate Awareness 5: The Tests, May 2

Preparing For The MRI and Abdomen Test

Given some homework before the next steps. Certain kinds of treatment, such as ‘seeding’, would be ruled out if the bladder does not empty properly when urinating. Read more

M is for Natalie Mead: Recovering From Setbacks

Natalie is known as a leading marketer in digital media. She is extremely positive and superbly professional. A distance runner and self-managing person, her sense of control was shaken after being attacked in South Read more

Prostate Awareness 4: Researching Options, April 14

Researching Options

Spoke with an old friend who had radical prostate surgery five years ago. He went the specialised Harley Street route. The care was good. The surgery went well and he is satisfied Read more

Prostate Awareness 3: Letting People Know, April 14

Sending A Message

My work involves meeting a lot of people in teams and organisations. Frequently this involves focusing on the routes they can take towards achieving their picture of success.

They are Read more

Prostate Awareness 2: The Project Continues, April 12

Meeting Mr Jha for the News on April 12

People ask me ahead of time how I feel about waiting for the results. I tend to be rather detached when looking at my own Read more

Prostate Awareness 1: Two New Projects, April 12, 2012

Today went to the consultant and heard that I have ‘the man thing’ – prostate cancer.

Although this can affect young men, seems the average age is around 67, which I am now. Fortunately has Read more