S is for Using Your Strengths To Help A Potential Employer Achieve Success

There are many ways to prepare for an interview with a potential employer.

One approach is to focus on the results an employer wants delivered in a particular role. It is then Read more

O is for Taking Ownership

“We want people who take ownership for delivering results,” is a phrase often used in today’s organisations.

Good leaders recognise it is vital for them to communicate a clear story, strategy and road to Read more

F is for Founders Forum For Good

Founders Forum For Good believes in harnessing the collective brainpower of the tech community to tackle inequalities in education, health, employment and income.

Below are excerpts from its website. You can discover more Read more

E is for Where Things Come Easily

There are many ways to find your strengths. One approach is to identify where things seem to come easily and you do excellent work. Let’s explore where this might happen for you.

Read more

R is for Restorative Justice For Oakland Youth

Restorative Justice can be more effective than Retributive Justice. It focuses on the needs of the victim, together with the offender’s accountability and growth.

Like all approaches, there are successes and failures, Read more

H is for Alice Herz-Sommer: Her View That Life Is Beautiful

Many people were inspired by Alice Herz-Sommer. A survivor of concentration camps, she believed people could choose to be optimistic.

Alice died in February 2014. This article provides links to some of the interviews Read more

L is for John Dennis Liu: Hope In A Changing Climate

John Dennis Liu is a Chinese American who has lived in China for the past 30 years. He makes films about the practical steps people are taking to improve their local environments and life Read more

P is for Maria Popova: Brain Pickings And Sharing Creativity With The World

Maria Popova created the website Brain Pickings. This offers a wealth of information that provides stimulation for both the heart and head.

The video above was filmed when Maria was presenting at Creative Mornings. Read more

D is for Being Disciplined And Delivering On The Day

When have you performed brilliantly? When have you followed certain disciplines and delivered on the day? You may have been making a presentation, singing at a concert, playing a sport or solving a particular Read more

K is for Johann Olav Koss: The Right To Play Movement

The video above is an abridged version of Frank Marshall’s documentary for ESPN Films about Right To Play, a movement founded by Johan Olav Koss.

Johann was a speed skater who won Read more