E is for Effectiveness Rather Than Efficiency

Great teams make sure they are climbing the right mountain effectively. Other teams sometimes spend their time trying to climb the wrong mountain more efficiently.

The same principles can apply to Read more

P is for Rita F. Pierson: Every Child Needs A Champion

Rita was a remarkable teacher. She died at the age of 61 in 2013. Here is the TED appreciation of her life and work.


In the video above Rita gives a rousing and Read more

I is for Helping People To Improve Rather Than Trying To Prove A Point

Some people aim to help others to improve. Good coaches, for example, invite people to look at their performances and explore the following questions.

What do you think it is important to Read more

L is for Labours Of Love

What are your labours of love? What is your soul work? What are the things that, when you do them, make your heart sing?

Clarifying Your Labours of Love

You may love designing, gardening, Read more

O is for Obsessions

What are your obsessions? What does your head keep thinking about? What does your heart keep telling you to do? What do your hands want to fix, create or design?

The Gallup Organization uses Read more

V is for Values, Vision And Visible Results

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to focus on your values, translate these into a clear vision and deliver visible results. Let’s explore some steps to making this Read more

S is for Brother David Steindl-Rast: The Joy of Gratitude

The root of joy is gratefulness … It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.

There are now many books that focus on gratitude. These often mention Read more

E is for Encouraging, Educating And Enabling People To Grow

There are many ways to help people. One approach is to encourage, educate and enable people to shape their futures. Let’s explore how it is possible to follow this route.

Encouraging People

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E is for The Exponential Climb From 7/10 To 10/10

Many people can find activities in which they can quickly reach 7/10. But then comes the hard part, which is the exponential climb to 10/10.

This is the equivalent of graduating from county champion Read more

S is for Recognising That You Are Always On Stage

The nature of work has changed over the past couple of decades. Transparency has taken over, especially in the age of open plan offices. Employers, customers and colleagues will make judgements about the way Read more